Kestrel’s ‘Wingspan’ crisis management exercises and training prepare your management team to deal with the most likely crises your organisation could face – and some you may not expect.

Is your team trained and familiar with their roles in a crisis?

A crisis can happen at any time, no matter what you do or how big you are. Your organisation’s response directly affects your customers, your reputation and your bottom line.

Your crisis management plan must be robust, well-practised and easy to access. Kestrel Group has the expertise necessary to prepare your management team to take the lead in a crisis.



Everyone prepared, everyone up to date and everyone on the same page.

When a crisis happens, your leadership team may not be conveniently located all in one place. They may be away from the office and away from all your carefully prepared crisis management material.

Kestrel has the solution: Talon, a crisis management app.

Talon puts everything your team needs in one place providing access at their fingertips, wherever they may be, whenever the need arises.



Business continuity planning will help you to get your business back up and running in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

This could be anything from a short-term disruption such as a power or internet outage to having to be out of your premises for a lengthy period.



When a disaster hits knowing what to do makes all the difference.

Kestrel knows exactly what to do. Our experience in emergency management covers the strategic as well as the operational.

If yours is an organisation that has specific responsibilities during and after civil defence emergencies, Kestrel’s experience is especially important to you.



Kestrel experts advise on a range of risk and technical process issues, including how to make arrangements for pre- and post-disaster building assessments. This independent engineering advice includes helping building owners and tenants interpret engineering reports on buildings, and ensuring alignment with emergency management and business continuity plans.

The Canterbury earthquake series, Cook Strait and Kaikoura earthquakes have heightened everyone’s awareness of the seismic behaviour of the buildings in which they live and work.



Kestrel provides independent, expert advice on making claims after an event. This independent advice is extremely important because a loss adjustor works for the insurance company they represent, not for you as an organisation.

Kestrel looks at the policy document to ascertain what you can claim for.

We can also help you to assess your risk profile and determine exactly what sort of protection you should have in place and what alternatives to conventional insurance exist.