Kestrels are members of the falcon family. They hover above the ground, taking in the whole scene and the smallest details. They are renowned for their keen eyesight and accuracy.

At Kestrel Group we take the same approach. We review a situation in its wider context and follow up with detailed insights on the issues and solutions that will make your organisation more resilient.

We’ve been doing this since 2003, working with our clients to improve their readiness, response and recovery capabilities. Our work ranges from high-level strategies right down to the plans, resources and training necessary to protect your business from unforeseen circumstances.

We have worked with major corporations, local and national government agencies, small and medium businesses and even a small country.

Working with Kestrel Group means you are working with real industry experts who have had a role in responses to and recoveries from actual events. Read more about our story here.



Kestrel Group is a proud sponsor of the Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre – supporting the conservation, breeding and rehabilitation of native falcons and wild birds.

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