Kestrel provides independent, expert advice on making claims after an event. This independent advice is extremely important because a loss adjustor works for the insurance company they represent, not for you as an organisation.

Kestrel looks at the policy document to ascertain what you can claim for.

We can also help you to assess your risk profile and determine exactly what sort of protection you should have in place and what alternatives to conventional insurance exist.

The insurance industry has shown its capacity for rapid change in the past few years. The Canterbury earthquakes and the impacts of other natural events around the world, added to the difficult state of the investment markets, gave insurers a pessimistic outlook that translated into high premiums and tougher terms.

Although the disaster component of insurance premiums is still a serious cost for organisations, the insurance market is now showing a tendency towards lower premiums and less harsh terms and conditions relating to natural disasters.

Kestrel can help you to navigate your insurance arrangements before an event and provide support during a claim.