Kestrel’s ‘Wingspan’ crisis management exercises and training prepare your management team to deal with the most likely crises your organisation could face – and some you may not expect.

Is your team trained and familiar with their roles in a crisis?

A crisis can happen at any time, no matter what you do or how big you are. Your organisation’s response directly affects your customers, your reputation and your bottom line.

Your crisis management plan must be robust, well-practised and easy to access. Kestrel Group has the expertise necessary to prepare your management team to take the lead in a crisis.

We have been designing, delivering and evaluating crisis exercises for more than 20 years, not only in New Zealand but around the world and in a huge range of industries, from retail to major organisations, from government to financial institutions and everything in between. From simple table-top exercises to simulations that include role players and external parties (such as emergency services) we have the skills and experience to ensure a successful learning experience.

We mentor and advise management teams on how to ensure that their crisis responses protect their people, assets and reputation by challenging them through scenarios related to the risks they are likely to face and new, emerging risks.

Cyber crime is a large risk to almost every organisation now. Kestrel has conducted many crisis exercises, putting management and technology staff through their paces to deal with cyber incursions.

Exercises are the most effective method of training management and staff in their roles and responses. All exercises are tailored to our clients’ requirements and can include specific training elements.

After every training exercise we provide a debrief and feedback outlining recommendations for the future.