Talon Crisis Management Tool

Everyone prepared, everyone up to date and everyone on the same page

Talon puts all your crisis management, business continuity and emergency response plans in a clever mobile app. When a crisis hits, paper-based plans might not be at hand, and a cyber-security threat could make them totally unavailable. Talon puts all of your crisis information in one place – immediately and easily accessible to your team.

Instantly available

Even without internet access, on a mobile device

Cloud based

Independent of your own IT systems with high-level security

Centrally managed

Everyone up to date and on the same page

Text alerts

Activate a crisis and alert your team

Easy to use

Virtually no learning curve

Logical layout

Easy-to-find checklists, contact lists and plans

Status reports

Distribute in real-time from within the app

Event logging

All crisis activity displayed in an activity feed


  • Runs on smartphones, tablets and web browsers
  • Supported by a tried-and-true platform called Showcase Workshop
  • Information is cached on the device and updated from the cloud
  • Hosted in the cloud by Amazon Web Services
  • Maintained by Kestrel, or your admin person can upload information



Once your crisis plans and information have been uploaded, Talon is easily installed on mobile devices. It is maintained in the cloud - independent of your internal IT systems. You can scale your Talon investment up or down as needed. Talon is Invoiced per user on a monthly basis, with a 30-day cancel anytime policy.

Pricing starts from $250 per month for 10 users on the Basic plan. Please contact us so we can work out options that would best suit your organisation.


  • Your logo
  • Your plan, templates and information logically arranged
  • Quartery usage reports
  • Prompts to keep plans up to date
  • Replacing out-dated content*
  • Technical support

*up to 2 hours/year


All of Basic plus:

  • Publish reports within app
  • Simple activity logging
  • Team activity feed
  • Training for your internal admins
  • Some customisation of Talon screens


All of Pro plus:

  • One-step crisis team activation
  • Multiple instances of Talon for multiple teams
  • 2 days of consulting services per year
  • Full customisation of Talon screens


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  • What is Talon?
    Talon is a mobile app designed to house your crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Its key function is to make up-to-date crisis information immediately and easily available to your crisis team.
  • Why Talon?
    Our clients have been asking for a mobile solution as an alternative to wallet cards, flip charts, and paper plans. These paper-based resources need to be reproduced every time there’s an update. This can lead to multiple versions where no one is sure if they have the right one.
  • How does Talon work?
    Kestrel has partnered with Wellington-based technology company, Showcase Workshop. It provides a mature and stable platform for Talon. Showcase Workshop has more than 10,000 global users, and a reputation for excellence.
  • What kind of support is available for Talon?
    Kestrel is your first port of call for Talon support, but we’re backed by Showcase Workshop’s helpdesk should there be a thorny technical issue.
  • Where is Talon's data stored and how secure is it?
    Talon’s data is cached on your device and also hosted securely by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS data centres comply with many government and industry standards such as PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA and ISO 9001. For more information see https://aws.amazon.com/security/
  • Will Talon work when there's no internet connection?
    Yes, Talon caches the documents and data on the device so you don’t need an internet connection to use it. Some interactive features need an internet connection, for example; publishing or viewing crisis activity, text alerts, and receiving updates. However, outgoing data is queued until the internet connection is restored so you don’t lose anything.
  • What devices does Talon run on?
    • Apple iPad or iPhone (iOS 8+)
    • Windows desktop, laptop or tablet (8.1+)
    • Android tablet or phone (4.4+)
    • Chromebook or Chrome browser (40+)
  • How is Talon installed?
    The free Showcase Workshop app is available from the Apple app store, Google Play store, Chrome Web store, and Windows store. Once installed, simply log in to access Talon (log in can be cached).
  • What's involved in setting up Talon for an organisation?
    As Talon is independent of your internal IT systems, setup is very straightforward:
    1. Your plans and documents are uploaded and arranged in Talon by Kestrel
    2. Kestrel sets up user accounts with details supplied by you
    3. Your users install the application on their devices and log in
  • How do we make changes to information in Talon?
    We include two hours of document replacement for Talon each year. This is usually enough to replace all the documents in Talon at least once. Anything over two hours is charged at time and materials. For Pro and Premium clients we can train your own administrators. This way you can maintain your own documents and information within Talon.
  • How does the pricing model work?
    The initial setup is billed as a one-off cost. Then a monthly subscription is set up based on your plan and number of users. You can add or remove users at any time and cancel anytime with 30 days notice.