Kestrel Breakfast Talk

  • July 22, 2015
  • Karen Stephens

The cyber security challenge, is your organisation prepared?

In June, we hosted guest speaker Paul Ash, of the National Cyber Policy Office. Paul talked about the constantly evolving cyber security challenge, what New Zealand is doing about it, and what you can do to protect your business. Also Kestrel’s Karen Stephens spoke on how you can be better prepared for such events. The topic of Cyber security was very interesting and provided many talking points.

Click here to view Paul’s presentation.

You can also download the Institute of Directors ‘Cyber-risk practice guide’ here.

If you’re interested in preparing your business for cyber events, please get in touch with us at

Paul Ash pic

Paul Ash

Director, National Cyber Policy Office
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The National Cyber Policy Office (NCPO) leads and coordinates the development and implementation of New Zealand’s cyber security policy. Paul has led the NCPO since it was established in July 2012. The NCPO developed Connect Smart; a public-private Partnership cyber security awareness campaign. Improving the online security of individuals and businesses is one of three priorities in the national Cyber Security Strategy.

Karen Stephen pic

Karen Stephens

Director of Kestrel Group

Kestrel Group provides independent expertise in the emergency management, business continuity, and crisis management field. Since 2003 we have worked with our clients to improve their readiness, response, and recovery capability. We are committed to ensuring New Zealand organisations are well prepared to deal with any type of emergency or crisis situation, and have recently conducted a number of cyber security crisis exercises.