Exciting new services and ‘app’ on way

  • July 14, 2012
  • Newsletters

There’s lots happening at Kestrel Group not least of all the introduction of some new training and assessment services for our clients as well as the development of a crisis management ‘app’ for mobile devices.

We regularly get asked by our clients where they can go to access training for staff who have been assigned business continuity roles. Up until now training courses have been delivered through conferences or as a five day course only available periodically in New Zealand.

Kestrel Group has now developed business continuity management training aimed at small to medium companies where non-experts are asked to pick up these roles within the organisation.

We’ll be running the first of our two day business continuity management training programmes later this year in Wellington.

The training will provide attendees with the skills and tools required to manage the design, implementation, testing and maintenance of business continuity and will meet the requirements of the BS ISO 22301:2012 on business continuity.

But more than this, participants will gain the confidence they need to perform their business continuity roles and make valuable contacts with others doing the same roles in other organisations.

Larger organisations with multiple people requiring training in their roles can also contact us to design a tailor-made training programme.

Development of crisis management ‘app’
It has become more and more evident that executive management teams are increasingly relying on the new smart phone and tablet technology to manage all manner of day-to-day activities.

It makes sense for us at Kestrel Group to look at developing a mobile crisis management application to enable our clients to access their crisis management tools on the go and not be confined solely to paper plans.

We are currently investigating how to develop this tool, how the information is presented and what sort of functionality it contains.

To make sure we develop the most useful tool possible we need your help. We would love to hear from those of you interested in discussing the functions this new application should offer. This is a completely obligation free way for you to be involved in influencing the development of our new crisis management tool.

Assessment against ISO standards
How is your business placed against the recently released new international standard on business continuity (BS ISO 22301:2012)? Here at Kestrel Group we can assess your current capability against the ISO and provide a report identifying any actions required.

To register your interest in any of these initiatives contact Karen Stephens.