PowerNet and the Talon App

  • June 13, 2019
  • Crisis Management

Mobile crisis management capability for the wider PowerNet team has been the motivator for PowerNet upgrading its Talon subscription.

Tania Cribb, PowerNet Compliance and Risk Advisor says the Southland company has been using Kestrel’s mobile crisis management app, Talon, to support its crisis management since 2017.

“Our original ‘Starter’ plan allowed for the crisis management team only. We’ve now upgraded to the Advanced plan and have 33 users and a host of other features that we can now use such as an integrated status report and the event log.  This means our crisis management team can publish status reports and keep an event log of the crisis – all within the app,” says Tania.

In PowerNet’s next exercise later this year, we’ll be running a practical scenario and Talon will play a key part.  The exercises provide an opportunity for everyone to become more familiar with how PowerNet manage a crisis and how to use Talon.

Talon can be used for any type of event or incident – it doesn’t have to be a major catastrophe.   Tania says “Kestrel is always there to help, are very responsive and they’re always there for advice and to answer any questions.”